A little about my process

Here’s a tiny peek at my painting process. When I first started painting I did not work from a sketch book or photo. Now I work from either an image or a fresh floral arrangement. I start with a quick sketch then figure out a color palette. The second photo is how I start most of my paintings - with lots of colorful layers. Sometimes I mark the canvas with chalk when I’m trying to be careful and other times I just have at it with reckless abandon. The chalk will wipe away easily with a paper towel and a spritz of water. Happy painting!


How To Mix Orange Paint

I’m forever mixing all of the colors on my palette with varying degrees of success.  Orange is one color that I find to be garish right now of the tube so today I was playing around with some of the red and yellow paints that I have to see what shades of orange I could produce.  I made all of these different shades of orange, pink, and peach with just three colors, yellow oxide, alizarin crimson hue, and white.  I’d love to hear what colors you mix to create orange.

acrylic_mix_orange _paint.jpg