Painting Bright, Bold, and Loose Flowers: How to Paint Abstract Flowers for Beginners

I’m so happy with the way my new painting class turned out! In this class I teach you how to paint bright, loose abstract flowers. You can follow my process step by step or you can come up with your own composition and colors once you feel more confident.

In this class I walk you through my whole painting process from start to finish. All of the supplies and paint colors I used are listed in the “About” tab below the video. If you create your own abstract floral piece after taking my class, I would love to see it. You can upload a photo of your creation to the “Projects” bin or feel free to tag me on Instagram! @ellebyersart

I have several classes available now on Skillshare. If you don’t have a Skillshare account but would like a free 2-month trial membership, you can join with my link. Skillshare has thousands of videos on many different topics. Even with the free trial membership, you will have access to all of their videos, not just mine.

Here are a few examples of paintings I created using the process I teach in this class.

Learn How to Paint Abstract Flowers for Beginners!

Learn How to Paint Abstract Flowers for Beginners!