Learn to Paint Abstract Flowers! Online painting class for beginners.

I’m excited to announce that my second Skillshare class is live! It’s called “Learn to Paint Flowers! Create Vibrant Abstract Peonies with Acrylic Paint.” In this class I show you my painting process and how I layer my paint. I walk you step by step through the process of how I created the painting below.

If you already have a Skillshare account you can watch my class by clicking here and if you don’t have a Skillshare account but would like a free 2-month trial membership you can join with the following link! https://skl.sh/2J12pqz

If you’re not familiar with Skillshare they have over 20,000 videos on all sorts of topics. When you join, you will have access to all 20,000 videos, including mine! If you are not happy with your membership you can cancel at any time. I thought I would watch a few videos and then cancel before my free trial was over but I liked the platform so much I decided to join for a year and then become a Skillshare teacher.

Happy Learning!

Learn to Paint Abstract Flowers!

Learn to Paint Abstract Flowers!

How to Paint Modern Abstract Flowers: Acrylic Painting for Beginners

My first Skillshare class is now live! It’s called Modern Abstract Flowers and it is for beginners. In this class I teach you how I paint these 8x10 floral pieces. I show you how I layer my paintings, mix my favorite paint colors, and give you tips for painting flowers! 🌼🌸

Follow this link to watch! www.skillshare.com/classes/Acrylic-Painting-Modern-Abstract-Flowers-for-Beginners/2033166206

If you don’t have a Skillshare account you can get 2 months free when you use this link to sign up! https://skl.sh/2J12pqz

Let me know what you think and if you create a painting after watching my class post it to Instagram use the hashtag #modernabstractflowers so I can check out your work!

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The Best Acrylic Paints For Beginners

What are the best acrylic paints for beginners? The ones you can afford or the ones you have in front of you! When you are just starting out, the paint you use is not important at all.  It’s not the quality of your paint or brushes that matters. What matters is practice. Painting and practicing all the time is what matters. You won’t make a better painting because you bought the fancy paint but you will make better paintings when you paint on a regular basis.

Also, I find that I put less pressure on myself when I buy less expensive canvases and paint because if I mess them up then I didn’t waste a ton of money.  I regularly buy Liquitex Basics acrylic paint (they didn’t pay me to say this!). I like the quality and I buy them when they are 2 for 1 at my local art store.

Practice, not paint, will make you a better artist! Keep painting!

best acrylic paint for beginners elle byers.jpg

A little about my process

Here’s a tiny peek at my painting process. When I first started painting I did not work from a sketch book or photo. Now I work from either an image or a fresh floral arrangement. I start with a quick sketch then figure out a color palette. The second photo is how I start most of my paintings - with lots of colorful layers. Sometimes I mark the canvas with chalk when I’m trying to be careful and other times I just have at it with reckless abandon. The chalk will wipe away easily with a paper towel and a spritz of water. Happy painting!